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The art of blogging

Image by Kev Howlett
Image by Kev Howlett

The idea of a blog is to attract readers to your work. The ultimate aim is to have an army of fans.

You’ve put some thought into what your blog is about. It’s now time to have some fun and write about your chosen topics. This should be fun because you are effectively writing about what you know. Or at least you’re writing about what makes you tick.

If you’re writing about what makes you tick, this will come through as passionate writing. It’s about showing your readers who you are and what you stand for. Sometimes you may even have a chance to vent about something that is very important to you. It’s okay to be provocative because that’s a way to start up conversation.

When it comes to style and tone, just be yourself. Write like you talk. Don’t try to be somebody else. In doing this you are being authentic and your readers will more likely connect with you. And while you are ‘being yourself’ be sure to tell a story. There’s no better way to connect with readers than through a story. That’s what makes us human.

While you’re telling these stories, make sure you don’t make your blog all about you. Of course you can use anecdotes and your own experiences to make your points but don’t alienate your reader. Make it about them. Always bring it back to how they can use your stories to enhance their life.

This is the main reason why people will read a blog: to learn something. They might learn a bit about you but also learn about something that will help them. It might be that your experiences show them that they aren’t alone or that they can overcome something.

By offering your insights and experience, you are adding to a conversation about how the world works, how we might travel through this life with ease or how to tackle sticky situations.

Don’t forget to use humour in your stories and ask for feedback. This will leave your reader wanting more.

Setting up a blog

Image by Blaise van Hecke
Image by Blaise van Hecke.

What is your blog about?
In order to be able to write a lot of great content, you need to care about what you’re writing about. You also need to write about topics that interest people. Think about your own values and the kind of books you write (or intend to write). If your book is fiction, what are some of the themes through it? Is it a book about relationships, domestic violence, love or fitting in? They are all topics that you could talk about. Or are you writing a self-help book about parenting. Your blog could be about all things parenting and children. It’s worth having two or three main focus points so that you can mix things up a bit. This will be less boring for you to write and more interesting for your readers. As an example, my blogs tend to be about reading, writing and creativity.

Pick a name for your blog
You can write under your own name, and this is a good idea if you are aiming for recognition as a writer. But if you don’t feel comfortable with this, or if your name is common, you could come up with a name that encapsulates what you aim to write about. No matter what, keep it simple, as this will help people remember it. Ideally the name will have keywords in it that will help with Google searches. Register this name as your URL if you are not using an existing website.

Choose a blogging platform
Some of you may already have a website, with a page dedicated to your blog. But if you aren’t ready for a full website, you can set up a blog on a free platform such as blogger, weebly, eHost and Bluehost. Even a simple wordpress site is free and has templates.

Get writing!
It’s no use having a blog unless you contribute to it consistently so treat it like a business. Decide whether you will blog daily, weekly or monthly (or anywhere in between). Just remember that if you decide to do it daily you need to come up with a lot of content. Try to post a blog at a similar time each time you put it up. So if you decide it’s a weekly blog, choose a day, like Wednesday and post at the same time each week.

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