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Why publishing is awesome


images-3In the past two years, we have helped about 70 people self-publish. It is such a delicious part of what we do because we are walking along side some body while he or she brings a story to life.

I tell people that the best parts are watching the book come together, the anticipation when we hit ‘send’ to the printer and that sweet moment when we open the box of freshly minted books. For a split second, we pray that everything is as it should be, that it looks like a book and there is nothing glaringly incorrect in the text or on the cover. It will be. Better yet is the look on the author’s face when he or she holds the book in hand.

But the most heart fluttering moment for me is when I’m at a book launch and I watch the author signing books and soaking it all up. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve done it, every time it feels like it’s my book. We’ve helped someone give birth to a special being.

There are so many aspects to publishing a book that make it awesome. The first is having a seed of an idea and planning it out into a book. This is where you get to be creative. It doesn’t matter whether it is a business book, novel or book of poetry. Each has it own grade of expression. This is the place to insert YOU into it.

The writing of the book will be different for everyone. For some, this is the easy part, for many it will be torture, just like any form of self-expression! Once the content is ready (and expertly edited), the fun begins with shaping it into the physical form. What should the cover look like, what font should we use? The choices are endless and sometimes a little daunting but we know what we’re doing and hold people’s hands if need be.

When the time comes to hit ‘send’ to the printer, there can sometimes be a little hesitation because this is where the creator is holding up their being into the world. Sometimes we have to say, ‘it is ready’.

It is quite an achievement to publish a book. For those who haven’t done it, it’s hard to explain what it’s like. It can be all consuming, scary, fun, exciting, challenging and life changing. I don’t say life changing as a throw away. I have seen it create gorgeous, life changing ripples in people’s lives. I’ve seen people grow and learn so much about themselves.


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Why Books Are Good For You

IMG_5594I am an unapologetic bibliophile. I am delighted with the moniker nerd and everything that might mean in terms of books.

This love affair began when I was a barefoot child living in the bush and books were my entertainment, aside from playing in the river with my brothers and sister – we didn’t have a TV. I only wish I had the choices now available to children and teens in terms of reading matter. Enid Blyton titles got a good battering but she has a lot to answer for in terms of good literature. But I still have a soft spot for The Magic Faraway Tree.

Instinct tells me that books are awesome. They’re good for you. But if statistics tell us that only 46% of Australians have decent literacy skills, then many people are missing out on their magic. This is why I feel compelled to spread the joy of reading to the masses and just about all the work I do is centred on it. Without good literacy skills, people have less job opportunities and this has a flow on affect on self-esteem and life quality.

A few weeks ago I read a small paragraph in the Herald Sun about the fact that reading for as little as 6 minutes can reduce stress by 68%. As you can imagine I pointed this out to my other half as justification for how much I read. But there are so many good reasons to read a book.

Ever heard the term ‘use it or lose it’? It applies to all parts of our body including the brain. Reading is good mental stimulation and is a known activity to slow or prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. So while you’re using reading as a health benefit you can also increase your knowledge from both non-fiction and fiction books. Don’t think a novel has no knowledge to impart. Writers spend a lot of time researching their facts and put it in their stories.

Reading improves analytical skills, empathy, writing skills, and vocabulary, adding up to a more educated, intelligent human. We should never stop learning and reading allows us to keep doing it.

Best of all, reading is fun! A reader can be transported to a totally different world or be educated about a topic that interests them. This is why I believe that the physical form is going to be around for many, many years.

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