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Spotlight on blogging

light globe onThere’s a lot of talk about blogging and that we should all be doing it. But why? Won’t you just become one of the thousands of other bloggers out there who are only read by three people?


But here’s the thing. As a writer, you need to step up and create a body of work and a following in order to get your work read. For a publisher to take you on, or for bookshops to stock your books, you need to have an online presence of some kind. This is where blogging can help.

Aside from the hopeful rise in your author profile, blog writing is a good discipline to improve your writing. Think about it. If you are writing an article every week for 50 weeks and each article is around 500–1000 words, you are effectively writing a whole book. This practise will see your writing improve rapidly and it will become easier. It comes down to good writing habits that will also translate well into your other writing.

Aside from that, you are putting your thoughts out there and learning how to articulate those thoughts. It might feel a bit forced or fake at the start but after a while you will find your groove. Who knows, you might start to inspire other people with these thoughts and create your own network of like-minded people. This is really important in terms of raising your profile because your aim is to have people comment, interact and share your work. This will take time because it takes time to build relationships. Be patient. Your blog may only have two readers in the early days but keep at it, and keep telling people that it’s there through your social network platforms.

All of this constant writing of content, while forming good writing habits, will build up your writing muscles and you will gain confidence in your writing ability. At the same time, you are building up a body of work. Your collection of articles (blog) can be used in other ways such as articles pitched to magazines and journals or collected together and published in a book.

If you stick at it consistently and for long enough, you will gather a following. Who knows, it could take on a life of its own and you could earn money from your blog in the future. In the meantime, see it as an apprenticeship to becoming a better writing. The payback will be that you gather fans and get your ‘real’ writing into their hands.

On the technical side, the constant uploading of content onto the web will mean that you are appearing often in feeds and your SEO (search engine optimisation) will improve.

In my next blog, I will look at ways to set up YOUR blog.



Imagine – poetry by Poetica Christi Press

FullSizeRenderIt’s a great honour to be asked to launch the latest edition of poetry by Poetica Christi Press – Imagine.

On reading these 96 or so poems, I was reminded of a day about 18 months ago where I was standing by a river at a spot that is very special to me, in a remote bush land. Now, I don’t believe in ‘god’ as such, I follow no religion. But I am a spiritual person. I believe in a higher being and have had many experiences in my life that have confirmed this belief.

As I stood by the river a voice spoke to me. Not a real voice but something from deep within or high above, I don’t know, but very real and very clear. This ‘voice’ said to me, ‘You know that everything will be alright. Everything is as it should be and you will be okay.’ That was all. I hadn’t asked a direct question. I had simply stood by the water basking in the beauty of my surrounds. But this statement answered all the fears and questions that had been swirling around inside me in the months prior10615642_10204654385550634_6324159810675767075_n to this. It was as if a higher being had been listening to me and had given me a direct answer. Of course, I cried standing there by the water because I was overwhelmed by the experience.

Life can be like that at times. Overwhelming, confusing, wonderful, painful. Being able to write ourselves through these things is where poetry comes into being. This collection is no exception. Here we have a smorgasbord of what life can lay before us on the table: God, sleep, birth, death, the wonder of nature, peace (or the hope for it), the wonder of life. The simple and the complicated.

From humans trying to define life through theology only to have God wink at us, to wearing yellow linen, to comparing a Crabapple tree to a dessert with cream and strawberry icing, to the majesty of a bird heralding dawn to lines that I wish I had written like:

Oh blessed gift of sleep

To die a little

To be immune from time and memory …

This collection is full of vivid images, humour and thought provoking ideas. And like anyone, I will react to different poems at different times, depending on what’s happening in my life.

I encourage you to take a copy, go into a quiet place and delve into the pages to discover something that resonates with you.