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What is crowd funding?

Unknown-1It’s getting easier all the time to publish your work thanks to digital technology. Not so long ago, if you wanted to publish a book you needed lots of cash to pay typesetters and printers. Now it’s possible to publish your book using word and print on demand.

If you want your book to be a little more professional though, it’s advisable to pay for a good editor and designer to make your book  worthy of being in a bookshop.

I see you throwing your hands in the air saying, ‘I have no time to write my book and now you’re telling me I need money to publish it?’

Yes, if you want people to respect your book you need to put some thought into it. The no time excuse is not valid. It’s a matter of prioritising it. But the money aspect can be a barrier. This is where crowd funding comes in.

Crowd funding is a fantastic way to raise small amounts of money for a project from a group of people. This is usually done via the internet. There are many crowd funding companies out there where you can set up your project and ask for different amounts of money (pledges) in exchange for different products. The beauty of this is that you are not just straight out asking for money. That would be more like a charity. You are in fact pre-selling something in a way and giving your supporters some ownership of it through fostering awareness of what you are doing.

People have funded so many different types of things from books, to inventions, music videos or even products. About a year ago a father and son set up a project with Indiegogo to fund their invention, asking for only $70,000 and raised $12,488,218 USD! Check out this link:


This is of course an extreme example. Most people are just wanting to raise a few thousand dollars and this is quite achievable if you are wanting help to publish your book. There are so few grants available these days thanks to cuts in the Arts sectors and even then your project might not fit those criteria anyway.

We have successfully funded three books recently, using Pozible. There are many other platforms out there but I chose Pozible because it was started by Australians and I found the platform very user friendly.

In my next blog, I will talk about what you need to create a successful campaign to reach the target needed to make your book a reality.


Why Launch Your Book?

IMG_1787Writing and publishing a book is a big deal. There are many people who will spout how they’re writing a book but they never actually finish it. Then there are many people who have written a book but they never actually publish it.

Why is this?

Because writing a book is hard work. No way around it. Like many worthwhile pursuits, you need to put the work in. The biggest challenge is the actual time taken to writing the damn thing, let alone the rewrites and then the editing and production that comes with publishing it.

So getting to the publication stage, the actual printed book in your hands, is worthy of celebration. The best way to celebrate it is by having a book launch. It’s not vain to do this but a prerequisite to selling the book and getting it out into the world and into readers’ hands.

The book launch has dual purposes: to celebrate the work and to start the selling process. By announcing it to the world, you are affectively saying, ‘Here it is, come and get it.’

The launch is a very important part of the marketing strategy for your book. You can start talking about it long before the date (and this also makes the book feel very real) and you can use the launch as a platform to invite media and to talk about the book without it feeling too ‘salesy’. Doesn’t it feel better to invite people to a party, rather than invite them to buy the book outright? Of course you hope they buy the book because they’ll get caught up in the excitement of the event but there’ll be no pressure.

Your family and friends will also love to share in your achievement. There’s nothing more satisfying to see an author sitting before a line of people waiting to have the book signed. There might also be that little bit of satisfaction for the author to prove the people wrong who had nodded and thought, ‘They’ll never get there.’

The book launch is a very important part of the publishing process. Not having one will mean you’ll miss opportunities for promotion and sales. You might be an author who isn’t worried about making money from the book but surely you’d like to at least recoup some of your investment or make money to invest in the next project.