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5 reasons to write a business book

If you’ve been in business for a while you most likely have a lot of knowledge to pass on to other business owners, people who are earlier in their journey than you. Don’t you wish you had some good insights when you started out? Did you make mistakes? Or maybe there were great books out there that helped you? You can potentially create a resource for people that will help them gain success quicker than making all those mistakes and possibly losing lots of money.

Writing a business book is a win-win. You help someone else while also helping yourself. Here’s some reasons why:

  1. It helps you articulate what you do

Have you ever been asked what you do and you start talking and their eyes glaze over? Unless your ‘thing’ is exciting or very specific like, ‘I’m a brain surgeon’ sometimes it’s hard to articulate. Or maybe you specialise in an area of your industry and it needs to be explained.

Sitting down to write a book will make you get very focused about what you do in order to explain it well to the reader. You may even realise that your message has been wrong and that you need to realign yourself and the way you work.

  1. It makes you visible

In a world that seems to be speeding up and that has so many ways to get your message out there it feels like there is a lot of white noise. Social media can be fickle and fleeting, paid media is time limited and expensive. A book is there for an indefinite time and can be given, sold, passed around. It’s a way for you to have a one-on-one conversation with your reader and can be listed on platforms like Amazon that has a monopoly on the market and global reach.

  1. It makes you credible

Writing a book shows people that you can commit to something, show your knowledge and are a risk taker. It isn’t easy writing a book and committing to putting yourself out there can be scary, that’s why people are impressed when you do. It’s not uncommon for people to be granted meetings when previously there was no chance, just by using the book as a way in. This will in turn bring you more clients or partnerships.

  1. You’ll get on stage

It makes sense that with credibility comes a new status. You become the go-to person with your expertise. This will naturally mean that people want to hear from you and what better way to get your message out there than talking to groups of people. Don’t be surprised when you are invited to speak.

  1. You can create an impact

Most people are in business because they have a purpose. It might be a charity that builds schools in Thailand or a locksmith who wants to keep people safe. It may even be to become a millionaire. If your book is ‘How to become a millionaire’ then you are making an impact by teaching people how to do what you do. This changes lives quite literally and I know from a lifetime of experience that books really do change lives.

The word ‘legacy’ literally means to hand down something from the past. Putting your expertise, experience or story into printed form truly cements your legacy.

Writing a book is not a quick task. It does take some work, but it is fun and rewarding with the right help and expertise. Don’t listen to the hype about a book being a beefed-up business card. It is a great a marketing tool, yes, but so much more.

If you’ve been thinking that this is a step you need to take, check out our next How to Write a Business Book, 3-hour workshop.

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