Blaise van Hecke is co-owner and Publisher at Busybird Publishing. She is also a writer and photographer. In 2018, Blaise published three books: her childhood memoir about growing up on a commune, called The Road to Tralfamadore is Bathed in River Water;  as co-author in Live Your Truth, Blaise wrote about her 800kms solo pilgrim walk across Spain; also as co-author in Healthy Spirit, Blaise writes about living a creative life.

She has been published in the short story anthology, Mud Puddles (May 08), Blue Crow Magazine, [untitled] issue two, came second in the bi-annual short story competition with the Society of Women Writers of Victoria 2007, for her story ‘The Eleventh Summer’; and is the author of The Book Book: 12 steps to successful publishing, as well as Who is a Cheeky Monkey? Her photographs have been used for book covers, CD covers and promotional literature.

Blaise enjoys writing and travelling and hopes to publish a book that combines both. She runs various workshops for Busybird about writing, editing, and publishing, and is popularly in demand for talks about publishing in general.

What Blaise loves most is nurturing an author through the self-publishing process, and the look on their face when they finally have their book in their hands.


They say that everyone has at least one book in them. Since you’re visiting my website, I’m guessing that you’re thinking about writing one yourself. Writing and publishing a book is exciting and rewarding with the right advice.

A book is long lasting and if some thought is put into it to create a beautifully crafted product, it will engage people with your personal touch and the returns  will be more than just financial. It doesn’t matter if you write a poetry book or a huge tome on your experiences in finance, each has its own unique appeal.

A book is an interactive product that entertains, inspires and persuades people, unlike the interruption of ads on TV or online. It’s the perfect way to convey ideas, values and messages from yourself to your reader.

So what might be YOUR reason to write a book? All of the following reasons are valid:

  • You have something to say
  • You think it would be pretty cool
  • You can build your profile/business
  • To mark a special anniversary in business or family
  • Make some money
  • To become a famous author
  • To have fun
  • To share a message
  • To make a difference
  • Promote a cause
  • Leave a legacy

So what’s your legacy going to be?

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