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Happy New Year to every one out there in the great big world of the Internet. Did you get a break over Christmas and the New Year? Did you read lots of books or get down to some writing?

While I don’t believe that you need to wait for inspiration to write (in fact you shouldn’t wait because it may never arrive), I do believe that there are ways to stock up inspiration and ideas by being consumers of everything possible. Films. Books. Museums. Days at the beach. All these experiences add up to inspiration that you can put in the bank for future use.

But I don’t have time … this is the lamest excuse I hear from so many would-be writers. Exchange something that you do now for something you can bank. Don’t watch crappy commercial TV; don’t spend hours on hours trolling through Facebook wondering what other people are doing. Even going to a café and observing the world around you can add to your world of knowledge.

10556997_10208238995243636_5947445726060549394_oMy Christmas haul was awesome, a nice stack of about eight books. Some I had ‘suggested’ and others were chosen for me. What a treasure trove! My first choice was a memoir called Bloodhound by Ramona Koval. Even though this is nothing like my story, or the way I will write my own memoir, it gave me great inspiration in terms of my own writing. I love Ramona’s honesty (sometimes so brutally honest that I cringed) and I love her sentiment to sum up her story: we are all connected and all looking for a story within our own lives.

So what will you do today to get inspired?


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