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Your Blog is the Heartbeat of Your Author Platform

Harry the Heart by Kev Howlett

Once upon a time, we didn’t have social media or a website to get our message out into the world. Now there are so many ways that we can connect with our readers. But many wonder why we bother with an author platform if it doesn’t result in direct sales?

The idea of an author platform is simply this: to connect with your reader. The more content you put out there, the more you will provide value and be seen as a thought leader by your followers. This takes time and needs to be part of your regular activity online. It means that, over time, you build a fan base. Each time you bring out a new book, this fan base is ready and waiting to engage with it.

A blog is more than just updating your fan base about what’s happening with your brand (you are your brand by the way, your book is your product). This is where you show them that you are devoted to what you do and what you write. The more your reader sees you actively engaging with an audience, and that you have views about what you’re passionate about, they will take more notice.

Your blog can feature your thoughts and ideas around the topics that you are passionate about and that can be linked to what you’re writing. Being consistent with this activity shows that you are a professional and on a mission to share your expertise, not just some hack writer out to make a million bucks. And I promise you, many people out there are writing what they think are best sellers without actually putting in the hours it takes to make the writing the best it can be.

Your website should be the heart of your platform because that is the only place you have total control over. Unlike social media that changes the rules every week, your website is actually real estate that you can use in your own way.

From a branding perspective, you should be looking to your website to showcase you and your book. By consistently updating your website (blogging), you improve the search engine rankings because of new content. Search engine optimization (SEO) changes the algorithms often, so any way you can keep up with that, the better because websites that are regularly updated with new content see a boost to their rankings.

So keep this in mind even if you think that you only have three people reading your blog. You are creating content and keeping your website fresh. It keeps you ‘on the job’ of writing and helps people find you in Google. It doesn’t have to be an onerous undertaking. You can write a 500-word blog in under an hour and can blog every other week. Tell people about your blog, share it on social media. It all helps build your following.

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