Blaise van Hecke spent much of her childhood on a commune on the central NSW coast and remembers the magic of childhood with vividness. She went from bare feet to wearing a uniform and learned to live with rigid routines at an all-girl boarding school in Melbourne where she learned to be a young lady.

Books and storytelling have always been at the heart of everything for this writer who now helps other writers to find their own voice through Busybird Publishing. Life and children have taken up much of her time but as they fly the nest, there has been the opportunity to concentrate on ‘the novel’.

Blaise’s story Eleventh Summer came second place in the biennial short story competition with the Society of Women Writers (Vic) in 2007, which has since been published in the anthology, Mud Puddles, and as part of the ebook, Thirteen Stories. Other stories have been published in Blue Crow Magazine, 21D Magazine, Fellowship of Australian Writer’s, and [untitled].

Blaise is also author of The Book Book: 12 Steps to Successful Publishing and co-author of Self-Made: Real Australian Business Stories. She is now working on her first fiction novel, ‘The Colours of Ash’ and a collection of short stories as memoir about her childhood.

Blaise runs Busybird Publishing with her husband, Kev, in the leafy suburb of Montmorency where they have created a creative hub for writers and artists through workshops, mentorship, exhibitions and open mic nights. She is a huge advocate for writing and the arts,  as president for the Society Women Writers’ Vic and a Pinpoint Ambassador for literature with Banyule Council. Blaise is also part of the Nillumbik Arts Advisory committee.


Blaise in the Media
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