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On turning 48

1185669_704067489607490_930132502_nLast week, someone asked me what it feels like to turn 48. ‘Same as 47, 46, right back to 20,’ I replied. But I do like the even number and it’s year of the monkey (I’m a monkey), so I’m anticipating that these things are going to give me good fortune.

I don’t really take too much stock in the stars aligning to bring me good fortune though. I have been working towards creating my own good luck by working at what I am passionate about.

Guess what I’m passionate about?

Did you say books?

Yes I am passionate about books but that isn’t actually my real core value. Books, writing and ideas are my vehicle to my real passion. Does this confuse you when day in, day out I’m talking about books?

What I’m really about is creating a safe place for people to come together to share stories. In doing this I hope to build a resilient community. This came to me as an aha moment on Monday when I was being interviewed on the phone about what we do at Busybird Publishing. ‘So you are really about paying it forward,’ the interviewer said when I was telling her about our open mic nights and creative fellowship.

I’d never thought of Busybird in that way but it is a really apt description. Our team is building something unique in Melbourne (dare I say Australia?), when the publishing industry as a whole is not inclusive and nurturing.

So in my 49th year, I’m working harder than ever because I’m loving what I’m building with a great team of people with the same vision. We held our 30th open mic night last week, on my birthday, and we have a Creative Fellowship in full swing. We’re also guiding people through the exciting journey to become published authors. If we’re ‘paying it forward’ while doing these things, I couldn’t be happier.

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