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I’ve often thought about keeping a record of the books because I lose track. Often I start reading a new book the day after I’ve finished the last. I have one rule, and that is to not start another book until at least 24 hours has passed. That way the book I’ve read has a chance of sinking in. A chance to digest. Sometimes it’s hard to stick to this rule.

At times I try NOT to read because it stops me from writing. This makes me question whether I am more of a reader than a writer. But reading and writing do go hand in hand. I tell people that to write well, you need to read a lot. Maybe I tell myself that to justify how much I read?

I’m not a quick reader. I don’t retain a lot of the details, like character names or who wrote what book. This doesn’t mean that I haven’t enjoyed it, or that it wasn’t memorable. It’s just that I am in the story. In the moment. Devouring it. Then lamenting it when it ends.

In my contemplation of recording the books I read, I’ve also thought about writing a small review to remind myself of the story and the reading experience. So, from time to time, I will blog about what I’m reading and maybe I will determine whether I’m more of a reader than a writer.

I love the Saturday Age for the book discussions, reviews and news. From this I’ve made a wish list, not because they are prize-winners or I’ve been told to read them, but because they’ve piqued my interest:

Hello Beautiful: Scenes of Life by Hannie Rayson (biography)
Get in Trouble by Kelly Link (short stories)
Girl in the Dark by Anna Lyndsey (memoir)
The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins (fiction).

2 My recommendation this week, for anyone looking for a page-turner is You by Caroline Kepnes (as recommended by another friend, Les).

The cover jacket compares it to Gone Girl but it’s much better than Gone Girl (one of the few books that was better as a movie) but I guess the marketing department has to find a way to hook people. You is a debut novel and the author has written the opposite sex exceptionally well. There’s a lot of good swearing: I hate the ‘C’ word but it’s used well. I won’t go into a run down of the story because it’ll give too much away, suffice to say that there are some great little details like a discussion about shower curtains, characters who are equally crazy to each other and some funny observations about books.

The reading experience: I often laughed out loud and couldn’t put this one down. Funny in a twisted kinda way.


  • Carol

    Why not put your reviews on GoodReads or Amazon. This helps readers choose books and the author with rankings and sales.

    • thebookchick

      Good idea, Carol. But my reviews are most likely a bit sparse and not traditional in terms of usefulness to people on Goodreads?

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