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Say ‘yes’

12247086_10207818626733910_272471723109609921_nCreation relies on having a good store of ideas. In the busy world we now inhabit, quite often our stores of ideas can run low: We get tired, overwhelmed and stuck.

Have you ever had the experience of needing to come up with a solution to something but the more you try to solve it, the less able you become? Then later on, when you’re walking the dog or having a shower the solution comes to you? This is because when you are in a more meditative state (i.e. relaxed) your brain makes room for thoughts to flow.

This made me think about our stores of creativity. When we think that we don’t have enough good ideas left, what we actually need is to move out some of the crap and make room for the creative juices to flow.

This is why it’s very important for EVERYBODY to find time out from every day tasks and allow our brains to relax. This will have a dual result. Your brain will be freer flowing with great ideas and solutions and you will stock your ‘cupboard’ with more interesting, creative content.

Here’s an example: Over the past weekend, we took time out at the beach. We walked on the sand with bare feet and shared in the unbridled joy of a six-month old puppy as he enjoyed all the beach offered him in terms of being in the moment – chasing waves, digging holes, meeting other dogs. I soaked up every detail and stored it away in my brain: The texture of the sand, the feel of the wind on my face, the joy of the puppy. It’s all stuff that you cannot pay for but will help me in my writing because I have connected to life and will be able to engage with readers through my ideas.

Be curious, say ‘yes’ to more opportunities and explore the world around you. The creations will follow.


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