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Successful Crowdfunding

walkwithmecrowdfunderCrowdfunding is a great way for writers to raise money to fund their projects, but how do you set it up to be successful? There are many crowdfunding campaigns that fail because they haven’t included all the ingredients that create a great product that people will engage with and click the ‘pledge’ button. There’s obviously no guarantee for success but there are a few things that you can do to enhance the campaign.

So how do you connect with your audience and get worldwide exposure? Here are a few tips that we used to run three successful campaigns.

Tell your story
Do this in as many ways as possible. Use words, pictures and video because you want to capture as many people as possible. Make people care about your story by using emotive language and putting personal angles into your story. If you are enthusiastic and passionate about your project, people will naturally want to support you. Make an awesome video that isn’t too long that will create a buzz around what you’re doing.

Create great incentives for people to pledge
You need to give people lots of options. Start with small amounts like $5–10 with lots of increments up to large amounts. The smaller pledges might just get a thank you. Medium prices might get a name in the book as a supporter, then larger again will receive a book, with the name in it. Have a few high-price incentives for business people. For a larger incentive, you can offer to show logos and business information in the book and on promotional material as major sponsors.

Communicate often with your audience
Use social media to spread the word about your campaign. Ask people to share the information and don’t forget your email list. If you don’t have an official email list, you’ll still have email addresses for family and friends. Ask them to help spread the word. Once your campaign is up and running, keep your supporters (the people who pledge) in the loop by giving them regular updates on the progress of the campaign.

Have a kickback
If there is a cause that you like to support, make that part of your campaign. For instance, if you support cancer research, you could give a part of your funds or book sales to that cause. Even better if there is a cause that has a synergy with your book, like a children’s book giving back to the Children’s Hospital.

Here is a link to one of our campaigns that raised triple the amount that we anticipated and is a good example of the elements that work for a good campaign:


  • Andrea Donaldson

    Thanks Blaise . Just what I needed today. Can you tell me other options other than Pozible ? Would you use them for a fundraiser for natural treatment for a friend with cancer ?

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