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The Magic of Christmas

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I’ll say this straight up. I don’t believe in God. And I think that religion has a lot to answer for, especially when it comes to the treatment of women.


Humans thrive on ritual and rituals are important to our community spirit and to help us deal with many of the ups and downs of life, like births, deaths and marriages.

So if I don’t believe in God isn’t it hypocritical to celebrate Christmas? I don’t go to church unless it’s for a wedding, funeral or christening/baptism. I shouldn’t be celebrating the birth of someone that I don’t believe in.


I do believe in a higher entity. I don’t have a name for it. Mother Earth, Spirit, Om, Supreme Spirit, Higher Self. Even Paganism fits. However you define it, the point is that I believe in the magic and wonder of those things that we cannot define. Christmas for me is about magic, family, community and the rituals that go with it. This is why I carried on the Santa charade with my kids long after they realised that he isn’t real.

If we don’t hold onto that magic that we have in childhood we lose our ability to be creative, hopeful and carefree. As creators, we need to be curious, delighted and excited by life because they are important ingredient to our creations.

I realise that for many, the Christmas period is hard. Not everyone has family to celebrate with or they are estranged from them. This is when we should open our arms and gather everyone to us and share all the magic and love we can muster.

Let’s get out some glitter and spread it around. We don’t need ‘stuff’ for Christmas, we just need to make sure that the next two weeks are full of all the good stuff: food, laughter and love. And maybe a good book or two.

Merry Christmas and a Joyous New Year to all. See you in 2016 xx

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  • sabi Buehler

    I wish you a happy festive season too Blaise however you celebra
    te it and hope for a peacful and joyful year ahead for everyone

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