Telling Your Story


Years ago I did a weekend retreat where numerology played a big part in the work that we did on ourselves. My number is seven and I was told that number sevens need to put down roots. To a certain degree I agree with that but the vagabond in me is always trying to break free. It might have something to do with my free range childhood. My sense of adventure and thirst for knowledge is high. I also love learning about people, culture, history.

This might sound like I am an extraverted adventuress but I’m very much an observer. Someone who likes to ‘people watch’ at cafes. Sounds a bit creepy but I know a lot of people are like this. I am a quintessential introvert who quite often masquerades as an extrovert. I don’t do a very good job of it though. The constant energy required to be outside my comfort zone takes its toll.
Travelling on my own allows me to fill up my tank. I am amongst people but don’t need to talk to anyone. I can just observe. I can read, write or just sit and be with my own thoughts. This is a stark contrast to my day-to-day life where I run a business and am talking to people all day long, and live in a house populated by five people. Finding space is not easy.

As a writer this is very important. You can’t be creative if you are constantly busy. Your brain gets too wired up, almost clogged. This means that ideas and thoughts don’t have a chance to begin and then expand. It’s a matter of finding some kind of balance and this is different for everyone.

In a world where we are more connected technologically and yet more disconnected, it’s becoming apparent that real life experiences and time out are needed more than ever.

As I sit here looking over the airport at a Royal Brunei plane with the rain drizzling down the windows, I’m looking forward to a small adventure. I have books and writing material on hand but first I might just watch the world go by.

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